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GiftPlanning.Net and GiftPlanning.Org

Viken Mikaelian  

Can I boast?  It is my blog, you know!

One of the most strategic business decisions we ever made was to acquire the domain PlannedGiving.Com a few years ago. The second and third smartest were to purchase PlannedGiving.Net and PlannedGiving.Org. We use these three golden domains to maximize search engine optimization for our clients. It is why we consistently rank No. 1 on Google searches.

These domains did not come cheap and required skillful negotiating. Our competitors were not happy. In fact, they even started advising their clients to change from using the term “planned giving” to “gift planning”.

Guess what. We recently purchased two more golden domains: GiftPlanning.Net and GiftPlanning.Org. It took over a year of negotiating.

As a client, your planned giving website is currently hosted under PlannedGiving.Org.  You will soon have the option to have it hosted under GiftPlanning.Org instead. Our team will be available to help you decide what’s the best strategy for you.

We offer choices, not cookie-cutter solutions.


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