Viken Mikaelian

Philanthropy Under Trump / Webinar

Viken Mikaelian  

Andrew J. Gray, CPA, Jeff Comfort, with Viken Mikaelian

Trump’s coming.

Whether that brings joy or fear to your heart, one thing it’s guaranteed to bring to all of us is change.

Our president-elect’s proposed changes to the tax code are going to affect philanthropy. If you want to know how, this webinar is for you.

We’ll cover:

  • Trump’s plan: the bad news for charities
  • Trump’s plan: the good news for charities
  • What donors think
  • The path of Trump’s plan after inauguration day
  • A detailed look at the proposed tax code changes that will affect charitable deductions
  • What can nonprofit executives do in the meantime, until we know what’s happening?

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017, 2 PM EST. Space is limited. 

We will revisit this topic again mid summer.



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